Death Metal Balloon

Those of you who watch the Facebook Live videos at 5 with Danger and I know about Death Metal Balloon.

A few weeks ago, a black balloon got caught in the power lines across the street from the station. Every time it waved in the wind, it looked like it was rocking some horns and head banging. Naturally, we had to give it a super awesome name, and for the next two weeks after finding it, DMB became a part of our FB Live shows. We would go outside and check on it once a day to see how it was doing. We slowly saw it begin to deflate and it just didn’t rock out as hard as it used to. Danger and I were a little disappointed, and we waited to see when DMB would disappear from our lives forever.

Yesterday, as we finished our show and walked outside, I looked over to the power lines to find DMB had finally taken its leave and had moved on to DMB paradise…. Or so I thought. I happened to look in our parking lot and saw a crumpled black shape sitting in it. Lo and behold…. It was Death Metal Balloon! I called Danger over immediately and we took to unraveling DMB as best as we could, and today, it’s in the studio with us. ALL HAIL DEATH METAL BALLOON!


Inmates of the Week: (Charged with contributing to the happiness of a minor) The birds screamed at Pink, So she screamed back!!! Your wife might be celebrating a holiday Sunday. Here’s why… There is a new Karate Kid coming out. Cobra Kai! February 15th should be National Regret Day. You could argue that Valentine’s Day is best for single people.