This Is Either The Best TD Celebration Ever….Or The Worst! You Decide

It’s easy to forget that there are football leagues outside of the NFL and College Football. There’s the Canadian Football League where aging NFL players go to live out their days instead of being put out to pasture (joking! I know there’s plenty of mediocre talent in the CFL). There is also the Indoor Football League (IFL) where talented college players who couldn’t hack it in the NFL go to showcase their talents. Today, we’re talking about the latter.
While celebrating a touchdown, Cedar Rapids Titans wide receiver Damond Powell was penalized for what I’m deeming as the best TD celebration of 2017: Although, I must say, after some research, This isn’t the first time a TD has been celebrated this way in Professional Football. In 2015, Seattle Seahawk WR Doug Baldwin used this same celebration after scoring against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX (48)

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