Feb 15th. National Regret Day!!!

We Propose: Feb 15th. National Regret Day!!!


I guarantee more people wake up with regret on Feb 15th than any day of the year. Whether it’s the regret of doing nothing, or the regret of doing something for the wrong person, or that maybe having a baby last night sounded great with a few drinks, but now… Oh sh*t…

Girl, Imma get you Pregnant!

Never trust your partner or your own brain when you’re in the moment… Trust us…


Playing frogger with my 4 year old… Inmates of the Week: (Charged with contributing to the happiness of a minor) The birds screamed at Pink, So she screamed back!!! Your wife might be celebrating a holiday Sunday. Here’s why… There is a new Karate Kid coming out. Cobra Kai! February 15th should be National Regret Day.