Men DON’T Deserve Custody of their own Kids!!!

How absurd does that headline sound? Did you know that if a man has a child with a woman in the state of Mississippi (out of wedlock) and the woman is incapable of taking care of a child (No matter the reasoning), the father must hire a lawyer, go to court, and fight for custody of his own child. During the entire court process, the man is still required to pay child support even if the child is with him 24/7 furthermore making him ineligible for any assistance from the state to help take care of the child.

It’s a tough road for a man in this state, but it can be done. How do I know?

For the past 3 years, I’ve been a single father to my baby 24 hours a day (minus work of course) but I had no rights to her, and paying directly out of my paycheck to someone that hadn’t spoken too, laid eyes on, or even tried. However…..

As of today, She is 200% Mine. It’s one of the most incredible and accomplished feelings in the world. Plus, It’s like getting a raise when a monthly bill suddenly goes away.

#DadWins are always heartwarming to hear, but today we celebrate #DadJustice …

Do you know of a dad or have a story of your own? Struggling fathers everywhere sure could use the Encouragement and Hope that stories of success are not only possible, but very much plausible.

#DadWinsJustice…. #Justice4Fathers… #WeLoveOurKidsToo



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