Nothing Screams “I’m Never Getting Laid Again” Like This…

As heard with Riley on 979CPRrocks:

The bro romper exists and I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

So, you know what I mean when I say romper right? Most ladies do….but guys, its a one piece shorts and top combined outfit, like a onesie.  Well, now a group of frat boys decided to make this a thing.  A group of guys got together and started a Kickstarater for the “RompHim.”

According to their Kickstarter page: “[The Founders] were sitting around drinking beers one evening and got to talking about men’s clothing options out there. Everything was either too corporate … too fratty … too “runway” … or too basic. … Why wasn’t there anything out there that allowed guys to be more stylish and fun without sacrificing comfort, fit and versatility?”

So enter the bro romper.

Now don’t get too excited boys, for now, the romper is only available in sizes XS to L — that’s right, nothing for guys above a 36″ waist. And get this, the RompHim project was only going to be a reality if the Kickstarter reached its goal of $10,000 by June 13. As of today, May 16th, 2017, they’ve raised $71,441.  Seriously, I can only odd.  Now, I wholeheartedly support any initiatives that make men’s fashion as exhausting and stupid as women’s, but be warned, nothing screams “I’m never having sex again ” like the new RompHim ™!

So to reiterate, the bro romper exists and I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

See the actual photos and the Kickstarter campaign HERE.


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