Pigskin Pick ‘Em: Wheeeee for week #3!!

As heard with Riley on 979 CPRrocks:

Hey crazies! What’s better than wasting time on the internet?  Easy! Wasting time on the internet, utilizing your jedi ninja football pick skills, and possibly winning up to $50,000!!

Yeah…we can help with that! See, 97.9 CPRrocks, Big Play Entertainment Center, Papa Johns, and Pat Peck Kia have made such an idea, a reality with

“Pigskin Pick ‘Em.”

Sign up online HERE and make your NFL picks by clicking which team you think will come out on top each week! Totes easy!

So don’t waste anymore time (unless you’re wasting it online) and you could win big with “Pigskin Pick ‘Em!” thanks to Big Play Entertainment Center, Papa Johns, Pat Peck Kia, and

97.9 CPRrocks! 

Riley went 11 out of 16 in week 2.  Now her picks are in for week #3! Sign up now and play along!

Go make yours now and we can compare how we did next week!

Good Luck!


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