Price Gouging after a Catastrophe? No one would do that… wait… WHAT? lol


42 bucks for a case of water during a state of emergency? Sounds a little familiar if you were on the coast during Katrina. So far the Texas Attorney General has received 550 complaints and 225 emails complaining about price gouging. You have to hear the excuse…

A Best Buy representative told Business Insider that the pricing was “a big mistake.”  An employee had mistakenly priced the entire case of water by multiplying the price of a single bottle.

Best Buy does not typically sell cases of water, so the system had no price for the entire case.

Everyone understands supply and demand, however, the same people aren't stupid. Since the problem was fixed quickly we won't hold it against Best Buy, but sure hope 
this is fixed and never a problem in the future as the company has promised... 
Special thanks to the excellent reporting from:

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