Spiderman might have to pay Gene Simmons soon. (Devil Horns Trademarked?)

If Ronnie James Dio from Black Sabbath wasn’t dead, he might have something to say about Gene Simmons trying to trademark the “Devil Horns”! Gene says he originated the well known gang-sign during his teen years as a member of the street gang known as the “Crips” in the hard streets of Brooklyn in 1974. Oh wait, no it was a concert. Gene says he did it first at a concert on November 14, 1974. It looks more like the hand Spiderman uses to shoot his webs. His trademark will cover the gesture’s use in entertainment, namely: “live performances by a musical artist; personal appearances by a musical artist.”


HEY YOU IN THE THIRD ROW ROCKING OUT!!! That will be 50 more bucks please…

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