The Dead Guy…

Obviously it’s awesome that everyone LOVES the Dead Guy in the Envelope contest; I mean, people can’t even wait for us to say call – the phone lines light up as soon as it gets close to 2:30 and 5:30. 90% of the phone calls Danger and I receive throughout our show end up being questions about the Dead Guy. It’s a fun contest, no doubt…. but what SUCKS about it is….

I am always the one to have to tell the listeners that they’re wrong, and it makes me feel awful! Danger purposely doesn’t know who the Dead Guy is, JUST so he doesn’t have to feel bad about it. I’m the one having to deliver ALL of the bad news. By the end of this contest, people will probably hate me! Haha.

What’s even more awkward is when I get approached in public and get badgered about it! I was at a bar last night with a few friends and had a handful of people I knew from high school come up to ask me about the Dead Guy, trying to get me to tell them whether or not their guesses were correct, and whether there were “hints” being given throughout the show (there aren’t, btw)! Of course, I can’t say anything, and I didn’t.. But I think I’ll be relieved when this whole contest is over and the Guy is guessed. No more awkward interactions and denials from me!


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