They did what to her Bday Cake???

Today is my little girl Pink’s (Yes that’s her real name) Birthday. She is turning 3 and we are both super excited. We have a big party planned this weekend and I got everything in order. Venue, food, guests, pinata, cake, etc…

I ordered the cake for her 3 days ago. I told them a chocolate cake, colorful whip cream icing, and Happy Birthday Pink on it, put it under Danger for pick-up  What did I get?  A Pink cake with the words Happy Birthday Danger written in chocolate icing… Bahahahaaaa. I’m not one to go nuts about dyslexic mistakes. Hell, I’m the king.  so I just wiped off my name and put Pink’s on it.

What’s the worst experience you’ve ever dealt with for a toddler’s birthday party.