Are you bitter about Valentine’s day? I came up with a National day for you.

Maybe I’m just bitter about this being my 5th Valentines in a row reserving a table for one, but I think there should be a day we all get to do the complete opposite of being loving without fear of repercussions, reply’s, conversations, or consequences. Does your partner/boss/friend/kid/pastor need to hear something about themselves? I introduce to you “A-Hole Amnesty Day” or just “AmnesDay” A confession type thing where you can stay anonymous (or known) but the person has to hear something not so great about themselves that needs to be said. What cha think? It could really be considered a love day if you think about it, cause you are just trying to help them become a better overall person.

How about we put out a stage at the local park with a mic on it and loud speakers. Folks can come out and talk into a loud mic to whoever’s listening in the area about problems you have with someone. etc…  I love it. Might do it just myself… like once a week. On-Air and Online.



Mayweather Vs McGregor 2 in the Octagon?!?! A short person’s nemesis. I’ve busted my eye so many times… Inmates of the Week (Charged with urinating in public) What does a 4 year old think of the new Godsmack song? New Godsmack out today. Check out “Bulletproof” Never ask your mother to borrow a lighter… lol