Children and Alcohol

Let me start by saying that I love children. I can’t wait to have children, I don’t ever mind babysitting for family and friends, and I drag my six-year-old sister around with me any time I have a free day to take her out. That being said… I don’t know if I can handle sixty children. In one building. Screaming.

My little sister Layla had her birthday party on Sunday at a certain child-friendly restaurant/arcade with a mouse mascot that I don’t think needs to be named… The pizza is surprisingly good, by the way. However, on top of my sister’s birthday party, two other children were also having birthday parties. Throw in the other 30-something children who were just there because their parents had no other idea of what to do on a Sunday afternoon, and you have what amounts to a building of anarchy and chaos. Barefooted children everywhere, running under your feet. You can’t turn around without one bumping into you and scurrying off as if you didn’t exist.

Then out comes the mascot… And screaming ensues. It’s loud enough in that establishment without having children screaming at the top of their lungs for some meter that measures how loud a group of 30 four to seven year olds can get. The answer is… E A R S PL I T T I N G L Y. I felt like I was in Monsters Inc., using screams to measure power… it’s NOT pleasant.

Alright, okay, I get it… kids make noise. Understandable. But parents weren’t even supervising their children. One little boy in particular kept running up to my younger brother any time he put a token into a game. The kid would then steal the balls (at the time, my brother was playing skee-ball and the basketball game) and start playing… So my brother would walk off to play something else. Once he was finished with the first stolen game, the boy would run up and do it again. Seriously… where are your parents? Where are your tokens? Did anyone ever teach you any semblance of manners? At all?

And now… I understand why that very establishment sells beer.



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