My daughter Pink tried to kill me…

Pink had her first lil evil “Stewie (from Family Guy)” moment. I’m in the bathroom about to clean the tub, when she runs up behind me and pulls me by my shorts pocket backwards (that’s how she gets my attention when she has something important to show me). Well, this causes me to drop an open bottle of Pine-Sol (biggest size they sell) into the only angle (in all of the history of this tub), that could have made it splash back with a vengeance (like a water-hose on full blast) directly into my open right eye. Now, It’s really burning and blinding me into a panic… So, I turn around quickly to find something to dry it off, when I trip over Pink. lol…  So, instead of taking a chance of hurting her, I try to fall sideways, eyes closed, and hands out to keep her out of the way, only to go full weight (with the same right eye) directly into the corner of the steel step-stool (I forgot was there). I felt like I got punched in the eye. It actually did give me a black eye… yet, I have a beat-red eyeball… lol, I look like I’m the friggen Terminator!!! Now I held enough composure that I didn’t pull a Casey Anthony or anything, but I am making her sit in there and watch the documentary… lol jkjk. I only had a small talk with her, cause by the time I could talk to her, I had plenty of time to calm and was just so happy I could still see, I wasn’t even mad… It’s even kinda funny to me now…  But seriously, Owwwww….







Mayweather Vs McGregor 2 in the Octagon?!?! A short person’s nemesis. I’ve busted my eye so many times… Inmates of the Week (Charged with urinating in public) What does a 4 year old think of the new Godsmack song? New Godsmack out today. Check out “Bulletproof” Never ask your mother to borrow a lighter… lol