Don’t let FEAR control your life.

Tragedy affects us all… Every single one of us (no matter the demographic) Everywhere in the world. You have seen it on the national news, or read it in your local paper, maybe you’ve clicked the stories on the internet, or possibly even heard it on this radio station. You’ve all dealt with it in your own family in some sort of way and some of us have even had to deal with it in person. I have seen the countless videos and images, from a man falling from the World Trade Center on 9/11 in New York, to a child being being dug out from a recently bombed building and thrown in an ambulance with blood running down his face in the Middle East. I’ve seen and was personally affected by powerful forces of nature, storms that took away homes and lives time and time again across the entire coast. I’ve seen the faces of people that were given tragic news like Scuba Steve and the Beautiful Parents and Children of the recent DIPG cancer epidemic here on the coast (Which I, as well as the station, are always here for if ever needed).  I’ve seen the faces of people telling their personal stories of tragedy and sadness here on the coast so often and had so many of my own that at one time I wondered if it was even worth waking up anymore and sticking around to see the next moment of heartbreak… HOWEVER…  I’ve seen many other faces as well. I’ve been to Biloxi Memorial, (scared to death) as I was about to be put under to have my hips replaced when I saw the face of a 12 year old girl that came here on vacation to see the beach for the first time in her life, just to have it take away one of her legs but she wasn’t sad at all. She was smiling, laughing, and playing on the leg she had left… Suddenly, I wasn’t so scared or worried anymore. I’ve seen the face of a couple at the alter saying “I will have your back for the rest of time” and mean it. I’ve seen the faces of mothers as they’ve held their children for the first time. I’ve seen a child with Cerebral Palsy overjoyed with something as simple as finally being able to drink out of a cup on her own. I’ve seen the lit-up faces of adults and children on special occasions receiving a gift of love so amazing it took over their emotions and abilities. I’ve seen the faces of women greeting their husbands that have just gotten off a plane from fighting in a foreign land for what probably seems like an eternity. I’ve seen the excitement of accomplishment and pride in a persons face as they walk across the stage to receive honors (educational and otherwise) that took years to achieve. I’ve seen the faces of a few that found out they had beat Cancer, and the faces of the ones they love finding out the same. Tragedy affects us all, but it shouldn’t define or confine us. Live your life. Enjoy the things you can control and don’t stress so much about the things you cant. We are all alotted only so much time here, don’t be ignorant, but don’t spend them in fear either. Get up and LIVE your life doing the things you enjoy, because if evil-doers stop us from that, Then evil and the ones that perpetrate it would have truly won. I love you all and the times I get to spend with you. I hope you don’t let Fear stop the next one… ~Dangerous



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