Last Night…


For those of you who DIDN’T get to go to the Disturbed, Rob Zombie, & Pop Evil show last night in Biloxi…. First off, let me say that I feel VERY bad for you. You honestly missed out on probably the most badass show I’ve been to yet. For those of you who DID go, you know exactly what I mean.

Double D Dena and I managed to grab a spot RIGHT at the front and center. The only things between us and the stage were the barricade and security guards. Obviously, she and I were stoked. Pop Evil opened up the show and got the crowd nice and pumped, the energy for the entire night was awesome. I kept switching between admiring the female drummer (she was AMAZING) and the bassist with the really long, pretty hair that he kept flipping everywhere. Obviously he KNEW his hair was fabulous. I’ll admit I’m pretty envious of his flowing mane.

When it was time for Rob Zombie to take the stage, I could barely contain my excitement. I kept slapping Dena on the ar, and yelling, “I’m so excited!” Honestly, I’m surprised I still had a voice after his set, I screamed and sang so much. Getting to see him perform was a dream. I love performances that are theatrical and visual, and his definitely surpassed my expectations (not that I’m complaining). At one point, he even walked across the barricade and stood RIGHT above Dena and I. His dreads kept touching our hands and he actually almost fell on top of us. Don’t worry, Rob, we would have caught you. The good ol’ Zombie definitely knows how to work the crowd and get everyone pumped – and what better way to FINISH his set than with “Dragula”? I’ll be reliving his entire performance for the rest of my life.

Once Disturbed hit the stage, I was exhausted but determined to hear them perform “Down With the Sickness” and their cover of “Sound of Silence.” Disturbed definitely made use of their pyrotechnics the whole show, and between the many blasts of fire into the air and the curtains of chains being lit on fire… Dena and I were kind of worried our eyebrows would start melting; oh the joys of having to fill them in with makeup. The security guard in front of his kept wiping at his neck, which by the end of Disturbed’s set, was COVERED in sweat. Kinda gross, actually… I felt bad for the drummer because he was right in the middle of all of that fire. While they did “Sound of Silence” the entire coliseum was lit up with phone lights and lighters; it was almost a surreal experience… And David Draiman’s vocals live, for that song especially, were outstanding. I must say I LOVED their performance and I screamed when I heard them begin a cover of “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails. Anyone who knows me, knows JUST how obsessed I am with that song.

All in all, if you missed it… You really, really, missed out on one of the best concert experiences I’ve had to date.



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