Parents Back Me Up Here, Am I Wrong for Being Pi$$ed About this!?!?!

Warning, Strong feelings from an aggravated Daddy here. More because of the non-actions of Parents. Not for the guilty child in this story. Read Below…











Parents that do NOTHING when their child hurts another child, really ANGER me. A Kid lifted up my 3 year old daughter Pink on the Tedder-todder, Normal kid play yeah, but then after getting her as high as he could, HE DROPPED HER STRAIGHT DOWN!  I’m always near her at all times and was hurrying from 6 feet away, I was just a lil too late. There were no springs on this one, just a long flat board. Pink came straight down on her spine, and didn’t stop crying for 20 minutes. She never wants to leave the park and she asked me to pick her up and walk her to the car and take her home. It Broke my heart, but angered me at the same time cause the parents of the other child never left their vehicle parked outside the park, didn’t correct them or even say a word. I know they heard and saw it all, but did absolutely nothing… Since they couldn’t do it, I took it upon myself to get a little loud with the kid and say, “What the heck is wrong with you kid? You Don’t Do That! How would you like if I put you up in the air and dropped you on your head? Would hurt wouldn’t it?” … He didn’t say anything and too this kids credit, he did come check on her while she was crying a couple times.












So if parents aren’t going to say anything, make sure you do. Might be the only time that kid hears and understands that it’s not nice nor the right thing to do. Pink said she never wants to Teeder again. Scared and hurt by baby.  These are the type of things that make kids timid when playing with others. Please pay somewhat attention to your kids. Thank you…






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