What was my response to My 3y/o daughter saying “Daddy, when I get older I’m gonna have a baby in my tummy!!!

Pink (my 3 year old) says to me a lil while ago,… “Daddy… I’m gonna have a baby in my tummy when I get bigger.” I sat there bewildered for a sec then replied, “Hey, I don’t care what you do when I’m dead” … lol, ok I didn’t say that, wanted too, but I told her that she had to be as old as daddy to get her baby-tokens (like chucky Cheese tokens) and work hard playing games till you have enough tickets for your very own baby. She seemed to accept the answer; however, that’s not the end of it, she backs it up with “Well I can’t wait to have a new baby brother then, I wanna play with him… “Once again I had to explain that, Daddy ran out of baby coins with her, so daddy cant have anymore babies cause we’re only given so many baby-having tokens and I spent all the ones I had left getting tickets for the Biggest Most amazing baby Prize on the coast… HER… She says, but we’re teeny people… like I said Pink, best prize on the coast. Size has nothing to do with how great something is… Thank God for the large McDonald’s sign we came up on, cause attention went elsewhere. Hope that keeps that kinda talk away for a while… Stressful talk on a father of girls… lol #NoKidsTillYoure30sPINK 



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