Scot is in Ohio where Soundgarden was set to perform this weekend… ROTR

I’m sitting here doing my show (The Dangerous Show), when out of the blue Scot Fox texts me some pictures and this “The Rock on the Range kick-off party at a place called Express Live Stone Sour is playing and we’re getting ready for the meet and greet right now…” Few minutes later he texts his picture with Stone Sour…  Lucky baaastid… Anyway, He’s in Columbus, Oklahoma for Rock on the Range. Soundgarden was scheduled to headline Saturday’s line-up. Everyone plans to do a tribute to him this weekend including headliner, Metallica. Hope you’re having a good time Scot, oh brb, I have to put a song in…. here at work… where I’m currently at…





Mayweather Vs McGregor 2 in the Octagon?!?! A short person’s nemesis. I’ve busted my eye so many times… Inmates of the Week (Charged with urinating in public) What does a 4 year old think of the new Godsmack song? New Godsmack out today. Check out “Bulletproof” Never ask your mother to borrow a lighter… lol