SuperShow Does NYC!

Scot takes on NYC (part 1)

I had the honor of visiting NYC last week as part of a special album listening party with Shinedown. A group of about 100 radio dorks from around the country gathered on Wednesday night at Tao in New York City to hear the new album from Shinedown titled Attention Attention.

We had an amazing dinner at Tao Downtown.

The Sushi was incredible!

The dining room had this HUGE statue on one end of the room with a Koi Pond underneath it.

Here’s a pic of the dessert plate. That is a giant Fortune Cookie in the middle

And here is the fortune I got…LOL

After dinner, we went to Tao’s private room to hear the brand new album from Shinedown Attention Attention

Brent Smith of Shinedown talking about the new album Attention Attention

After the party… it was off to bed for this guy! Part 2 tomorrow!






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