Today on D&M –

We’re back at it today with some more AWESOME prizes for you to win! We JUST gave away tickets to the Parkway Drive show at Kress Live on Saturday night but DON’T WORRY, we have more coming up!

At 4pm, we’ll be giving away tickets for the Disturbed & Rob Zombie with special guest, Popevil! It’s gonna be an amazing show so TRUST ME when I say you DON’T wanna miss out on this!

We’re also gonna give one lucky person a chance to guess the Dead Guy in the Envelope during our show! Whoever guesses our special dead guy will not only win tickets to the Guns N Roses show in New Orleans, but ALSO a hotel room in good ol’ NOLA for the night of the show! You know what that means? All the hand grenades your little deviant livers can handle, and no need to worry about driving back home!




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