Two Year Radio Anniversary!

Next week I’ll be celebrating a very important (for me, anyway) milestone! April 14, 2016 will be two years in radio! That probably doesn’t seem like very much, but when you love your job as much as I do, counting each year is really exciting… Especially since they seem to fly by so fast! I can hardly believe it’s already been two years, and that I’ve come so far. I’ve been thinking back a lot on how I started and how my career has progressed, particularly in the past eight or nine months. From starting on the night show with 107.1 The Monkey with Brady, to Brady leaving, James Steele taking Brady’s spot, me moving over to nights on CPR with Danger and all of you fine folks, and now on the afternoon show! In the video below, I talk about how I originally started at Alpha, and a few of my favorite things about being in radio! – Mattie



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